Taiga N.V

The Taiga is Earth’s largest biome. Its vast forested-reaches span the northern areas of North America, Asia and Europe. The Taiga offers an inestimable treasure of flora & fauna. It is one of man’s great sources for raw materials, including flavours both ancient and new to us.

TAIGA International (established in 1992), as a flavouring house for the global food, tobacco and household & personal care industry, draws on (natural) flavour ingredients from all tropics and climates, but the Taiga’s imagery of freshness & purity present a good reference for understanding our company.

Tailor-made flavours, confidential long-term cooperation & flexibility are the keywords of our success. For any flavour or fragrance project you may have, our dynamic team is eager to work with you, whether it is in Europe or anywhere else in the world!

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