Omniafibre s.r.l. has taken over the activities of Omniafiltra Cartiera del Torano S.p.A. since March 2010. The new company, which was renewed in the property with the takeover of the member SERI S.p.A, a company operating in the field of plastics and industrial installations, guarantees a better and more efficient management of our industrial/commercial relations, in compliance with all of the best Omniafiltra professionals, but with a radical reorganization. Omniafiltra, established in 1955, is a company that operates in the market of papers for industrial use. At the in the early seventies, thanks to the recognized quality of its products, conquers the leadership in the ambit of the national market, guaranteeing afterwards, a progressive growth in the international market. The company operates in a highly segmented field, developing a range of high quality products. The several years of experience in the field, allowed the company to establish itself in different high technological branches essentially represented by the following business areas: Paper for impregnation for the industries of insecticides and deodorant, capable of high absorption of the active ingredient, excellent resistance to high temperatures and excellent behaviour in die-cutting; Paper, paperboards and filter sheets, with a complete range of formulations and sizes, capable to satisfy all needs of food, enological, pharmaceutical and chemical industries; Gaskets for automotive field and for other industrial fields; Base paper for impregnation with animal gelatine for production of gaskets in the automotive field. The continued expansion in domestic and overseas markets, have determined an increase of production capacity, bringing to an international leading position of manufacturing of technical papers for industrial use, with a primary customers. The company has developed a marketing strategy directed towards the foreign market, but has also established a position of national prominence, thanks to relationships with major customers in various sectors such as paper for impregnation and dry base paper, expanding specific markets in which Omniafiltra is already long-established. The fields in which the company is oriented automotive, industrial, food and chemical. The consolidated action of internationalization of sales, has made it possible to develop markets in the five continents.

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