Monari Federzoni

Monari Federzoni was founded in 1912. At the time, Elena Monari ran a little grocery shop in Modena and had a true passion for the prince among local products: the balsamic vinegar of Modena. On 12 January 1912 Ms. Monari applied to the Ministry to be authorised to sell balsamic vinegar in her grocery shop. The authorities granted her permission to sell balsamic vinegar and marked the beginning of a long and prestigious story of passion and quality. Slowly but steadily, the interest for local tradition turned into a true business. From the sale of vinegar in bulk, they moved to the sale of bottles bearing a label with the first logo featuring the 3 distinctive symbols of the product: the bunch of grapes, the spider web symbolizing the ageing and the latch chain, to protect the secrecy of the recipe.
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Balsamic Vinegar

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